High availability name servers
built to handle any size load

Deliver More 'Wows' to Your Customers

Premium DNS from Comodo is the simplest choice your enterprise can make to increase the traffic and audience on your site, lower website abandonment and bounce rates, and produce better conversion. By maintaining equally high performance standards around the globe, you ensure best-in-class service in all of your markets.

  • Dependable - Keep your customers connected with confidence with flawless network performance
  • Consistent - Visitors reach your site faster and with a higher success rate than in-house DNS
  • Available - Limit outages due to maintenance windows, server failures, or other hardware dependent scenarios

Unlimited Scalability for On-Demand Service

DNS was designed from the start to scale extremely well so your organization can grow and expand without the need for additional servers, bandwidth, or staff. Best-in-class technologies such as IP anycast and non-BIND DNS equip your site with the performance required for reliable operation at all times, even at high volumes.

  • Efficient - Cloud-based architecture engineered to scale extremely well under any condition
  • Intelligent - Highly scalable infrastructure optimized to handle an unlimited number of zones
  • Expandable - Secure solution with additional flexibility to meet the sophisticated needs of a complex enterprise

Built-In Defense Against Web Attacks

Stop attacks against your domain before they cause damage. Comodo has the security expertise and solutions to detect and thwart DNS attacks, including distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS), man-in-the-middle attacks (MITM) that intercept sensitive credentials, and cache poisoning attacks that compromise organizations and open the door to a host of malicious activities.

  • Mission Critical - Hardened infrastructure and custom server-side software identifies and repels attacks to keep your site online
  • Trust - Commercial grade closed-source DNS software developed in-house, not on open source software extremely susceptible to manipulation

Deploy Quickly and Effortlessly

One of the greatest challenges in domain name system deployment is unifying with systems and applications. DNS provides a quick and easy ramp up to readily integrate into your infrastructure. As an outsourced managed solution, we offer the simplest deployment model with instant provisioning and a powerful API for total integration with your environment.

  • Interoperable - Flexible and compatible to work seamlessly with all platforms
  • Cloud-Based - No additional equipment required or software to download or install
  • Hassle-Free - Bulk imports and updates make it easy to pre-configure your domains

Break Free from Vendor Lock-In

Pay-as-you-go hosted service means no startup costs, no more servers to maintain, and no surprises. Switching to DNS powered by Comodo affords your enterprise all of the benefits of a dedicated DNS infrastructure without the maintenance, saving you time and money.

  • Flat Monthly Rate - No hidden charges
  • Transparent Pricing - Pay only for queries used, never any overages
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